In the Words of Edgar Allan Poe ( a poem by Donya)

My fair golden fish died today,

And is probably floating though sewer pipes far away,

How I long to see my golden fish again, and stare at him night and day,

The sad thing is that he never acquired a name by the way.

I can almost hear his soft plea

Donya, Donya, what did you call me?

But now it is too late, for he has become shark bait

Floating lifeless  in the sea.

(Even though you might be laughing that I wrote a morbid poem about my dead goldfish, it actually DID die today 🙁 , it was the only way I could express my feelings)

My Animated In-depth #6… (i think?)

Hello fair citizens of the inter-webs.

~This is my update of my current situation as far as my animated in-depth goes~

Weellll. The second half of my class has started and I am feeling way more aware of what to do and what techniques to use. I have also learned from previous projects what I need to work on and what is good.


  • I am a very impatient person… this personality trait isn’t key to producing a spot on animation… but I am working on it, I swear.
  • Trace previous slides WITH ACCURACY!!!


  • I am very enthusiastic  about what I am doing
  • Focused. I’m developing this state of mind when I draw where nothing can interrupt me… very satisfying.

Currently, I am focusing on polishing the silver doorknob that is my hand animation project. Its pretty difficult because I have to align the edge of the camera with what is the floor that my character is standing on. Other wise is looks like the star of my animation is trying their hand at dancing… and failing quite badly. Poor animation 🙁 never had a chance…

But like I said,


and just because I think I can,

Je  travaille… (on it?)

oh well… good try right?

Parting is such sweet sorrow,

Your favourite…probably the only one you know…  novice animator, DONYA!

Op-Eds. Bringing controversy since the dawn of time.

And here is mine, feel free to argue

The 1970s, word had been reached that the Ojibwa tribe of the Grassy Narrows in Ontario have been suffering. Why? Well, someone who owned a large chemical plant/paper mill decided to be a completely ignorant and dump his or her mercury waste in a river. The simple solution to everything, isn’t it?

Keep in mind that this was not just any river,dear readers, but the English-Wabigoon river. The same river that many-if not all- Ojibwa families drink and receive their precious protein source from, which just happens to be fish.


The residence of the Grassy Narrows reserve didnt know what hit them. Wouldn’t you think that any empathetic or socially aware person of this earth would naturally try and help these Natives? As well as try their absolute best to make life easier for these unsuspecting people that were thrown into a big vat of sadness that is drowning their neighbors and families?

Apparently not. The Ontarian government and the owner of the paper mill/ chemical factory decided to acquire a gigantic wooden spoon and just stir this pot.

By stir I mean “make things harder for said Natives by not doing a single thing,and possibly make things harder”

Their “help” consisted of the following things:

  • Make the Grassy Narrows tribe aware that they are in fact dying because of mercury poisoning
  • Demand that the natives no longer eat fish, keep in mind that fish is basically their ONLY protein source.
  • Close down the commercial fishery on the reserve. Single-handedly firing many honest working people with families to feed

That is definitely not something to be proud of.

This “help” only left the natives confused and angry because something they couldn’t control arrived and literally turned their world up side down. The government didn’t make any move to help, but in fact made it harder to try and survive. Which left the natives on the reserve the option to keep eating the poisoned fish, because of lack of a substitute for an important food group in their diet.

Without anything left, and being poisoned on top of it all, what can anyone do but die?

Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t it a human right to live?  As well as receive health care?

My question is, why is it that an earthquake in Haiti has everyone texting millions of dollars away to go help but  in our own country,  where innocent people are dying because of complete carelessness and no one bats a eyelash? Or even texts a simple “OMG”?

Things like this need to televised and get new coverage 24/7!Not just one lousy news article on the internet and maybe a 5 minute segment on CBC. There should be a “text-your-money-to-Grassy-Narrows” program! I am willing to wager that most people would definitely pitch in and help if only they knew what was going on. If the right people were informed, the Ojibwa would not have to look for help from a non reliable government to solve their problem! And by their problem, I mean the Ontarian government and the owner of the paper mill/chemical farm’s problem. I really do believe that the Ojibwa were the unlucky recipients of the awful accident!

And if I could, believe me it would bring me so much joy if I could, I would end this Op-Ed on a happier note, but since I really want to drive my point home, here is this interesting piece of information:

Studies were done in 2004 that showed that the Natives of the Grassy Narrows, still had traces of mercury and after that incident in the 1970s, it is not unusual to grow up with brain deficiencies. Now, what could we have done many years ago to cure this? Any ideas?

Can you paint with all the colours of the wind? **please mark**

Mr. Guterson the author of Snow Falling On Cedars can!

And no, he did not go frolicking through the forest with Pocahontas.

Even though I’m sure he would like to 🙂

What I am talking about is his power to create vast galleries of vibrant images that literally make you think or even believe that there IS such a place in the world called San Piedro Island. That YOU went to the strawberry farms with your family and enjoyed picking the hard work of mother nature that accumulated for the past couple of months.

And I think, all in all, that is what made me take interest in this book the most. The fact that it is probably more visual than what you can notice while watching a movie yourself. That, my friends, is the best part of a book.

Keep in mind that when someone asks “what’s the best thing about a book?” I’m usually quick to answer “Probably the writing because it takes me places without me having to go anywhere…” But now, after reading Snow Falling on Cedars I really have to think my answer over.

Because, even though that plot is not really desirable… (to me at least) the visual shape of Mr. Guterson’s writing was amazing. Over the top.

I had to fix my hair because the island wind had turned it into an afro.

Ok… maybe not.

So in conclusion even though the plot of Snow Falling On Cedars was not mind blowing to me, it did direct attention to other sides of a story other than the words. Although I admit thats the main part of a book… oh well it was a great insight anyways 🙂

So I think that my next blog post will be about the types of books I read. And what I perceive them as… whether it be the visual aspect, or the emotional side of things

Inspiration is ignoring me… :/

(Indent of my face....)

(Indent of my face....)

I mean, it had to happen some time right? Here I was blazing down a trail to blogging happiness enjoying the bright Tarzan like scenery, occasionally jumping up and down and breaking out in show tunes every time I glanced over the amazing comments from friends and wise mentors under my belt (figurative :P, I do not keep comments under my belt)

All the while, I became aware of a presence. A lurking, annoying, depriving presence known as writers block aka. brick wall. And me, being the eternally graceful balanced child that I am, high fived said block/brick wall with my face.


Anyways, now I have been helicoptered out of my blog induced paradise and plunked into a drab confinement otherwise known as the Emergency Room for people who have lost inspiration.

Population: Me

Yah I know! They’re just bustling arent they? Glad to know I have people I can relate to! Helps the healing process…

So there I lay, thinking back to the days where posts went out on time (sorry Mr. J :() and  still managed to be entertaining! After a while, I admit that I just made up excuses to the  ancient Russian nurse to stay because I was…




Scazy?… maybe not.

I know what you are thinking. “Donya. Or whatever you name is. Get a hold of yourself and just blog! Let loose, do a brain dump thing! Its not that hard! Become Inspired! Work out! Sleep! Eat! Dance! Anything helps!”

Well. Not really. Listed above where things that I tried, but never helped(I cant move my legs without grimacing after the dancing/workout but I’m guessing it would help to stretch)

So reader. Any suggestions? Hints? Snippets of advice? Gold bricks of information?

It would help 🙂

Happy Spring Break!

Donya. (aka brain dead for now.)

PS: Sorry if I was drowning you in my dry humour.. it can’t be helped…

Hasta la Vista, Au Revoir and Auf Wiedersehen… acquaintance? psh. not even. ***please mark***

Dear Facebook,

I am sorry (not really) to inform you of the fact that I have deleted you (with a smile on my face). In a matter of one week, all traces of my existence will vanish!  Not that I’d think you would notice… not with your 321.1 million other lackies, or flunkies that log in every 16th of a second. But just in case.  I thought you would like to know.

Actually, I dont really know why I am writing you a letter on my blog really. Its very strange… maybe it was just to tell you that I am completely and utterly sick of the amount of time I wasted on you every time I logged on.

Sure, reuniting with my friends was a great feeling, but really. Being informed that they joined some weird and stupidly irrelevant group was… less than pleasant. And what was even MORE annoying was the fact that I didn’t really care! I would honestly just sit there aimlessly at the computer, waiting for something to happen. Not that I would know what would happen. I guess I was just expecting something amazing and all I got was the satisfaction (?) of knowing that one of my friends can type the ABC’s in under 10 seconds. Yes I know. Thrilling. I think I just died of excitement riiight there.

As funny as it is, most of these people I added as my friends were people I had seen. much less talked to a handful of times! That is definitely NOT my definition of a friend.

Well I guess thats what corrupted our acquaintance-ship, our definition of things.

Your definition of a friend: “Oh sure I’ll talk to you behind a screen but I really dont have the social skills to come up and talk to you in person” or, “Hey! I saw the back of your head as you were leaving school one day! I should probably add you!”

My definition of a friend: “Hey Donya! So we’re still meeting up for the movies on Friday right? I cant wait to spend some time with you!” and ” Oh hi Donya. I heard you were sick, so I picked up some candy on the way home for you 🙂 Candy can fix anything!”

Your definition of something to be notified about: ” DONYA OMG! SOMEONE COMMENTED ON YOUR PHOTO! Quick! Answer! *uses mind control,while grinning evilly*

My definition of something to be notified about: ” DONYA! YOUR CLOSE FRIEND IS SICK AND DOWN IN THE DUMPS! Quick get her some CANDY!”


they say opposites attract but really, this is a bit too far.

This is really not what I signed up for. Mindcontrol? Time Waste? Invasion of Privacy? um. sorry thats not what I ordered. try the next teenager.

And as my message to you ends, I would usually say it was a pleasure being buddies with you. But I try not to lie… so instead I will say, you. are. very. glitchy.

And boring. And blue isn’t really your colour, it washes you out…

I bid you A Due:


My Animated In-Depth #4.5

Hello Incredibly Lovely and Ingenious Blog readers of the world!

As promised, here is my blog follow up on the previous post I published not but a couple hours ago.

And with this blog comes three things; good news and bad news and just your average run of the mill type news.

I dont know why, but I always either start with the bad news, or ask for it. So out of habit:

*huffs*I DO NOT UNDERSTAND FLASH!*stomps her feet and pouts* 🙁

In case you were wondering, the program flash is the medium most “just starting out” animators use. Its a program where you can make characters straight from your computer and just start animating from there. And it has a knack of being very.very.very. annoying.

(for example: take your biggest pet peeve. spend a while thinking about it. and then multiply the annoyance you feel by infinity and beyond. Thats were I am as far as working with Flash goes.)

Maybe I’m just annoyed that this whole animating thing is not coming as easily as I hoped it would. There are just too many exceptions and tricks and random glitches that keep haunting my work! I feel bad for my mentor, Kenten (or Ken 10). Teaching flash is an incredibly hard thing to do, especially teaching such a thing to 3 other students. Praises for Kenten because of his noble bravery. 🙂

Anyways. I have decided to become the proactive child, I should be to solve this bothersome problem. On Sunday (tomorrow) I will lock myself in my room, hunch over my computer, put my game face on, and tackle this confusing animation program head on! THERE WILL BE NO MERCY!

wait. lets take this a bit… less war hero and more friendly learner. Thats always the better approach.

I will lock myself in my room out of determination, gently and lovingly open my computer and bask in the warm rays that is flash. All the while, the warm rays will hopefully penetrate my thick skull and the information I gather will more or less stay there. FOREVER!

there. thats better.

Now! Moving along to the amazing super fantabulous  good news that brightened my day for at least a couple hours.

Well. Just to make sure you are not disappointed, lets just say it would be super fantabulous good news that will brighten your day if you were me.


please please. no applause. *blushes*

roses? for me? OH you shouldnt have!

THE NOBEL PRIZE!? WHAT?! come on. its just an idea!

ok. fine, i’ll become the prime minister… but really. this has nothing to do with ruling Canada.

so. the idea for my project is…

you know what? I dont think I should tell you.

now wait, before you turn into the Hulk and start hulk-smashing everything in sight, I have good reasons for my decision! (really I do!)

#1: If you are anything like me, when you hear of think of an idea, AMAZING and OVER THE TOP imagery come to mind. And so right off the bat, your expectations are too incredibly high. And I cannot guarantee that my creation will be so super duper 🙂 so there for, at In-Depth night, you will sit down to look at my presentation, wait for the AMAZING and OVER THE TOP



imagery to begin. And no matter how many times I tell you its not as amazing as you think, you wont listen. You just stay watching the animation. For a countless amount of time, hoping, even dreaming to even have a snippet of what you were expecting.  Now, by this time, you will have acquired a beard just like Mr. Jackson! Of course you won’t even notice. And the really sad thing is, that he won’t be able to see it. Because you will never come out of the Multi Purpose Room. You will never become really cool beard buddies. An amazing friendship that could’ve happened. Wont.

All of that emotional trauma, because of your incredibly high expectations.

Dont say I didnt warn you 😀

#2: … do I really need further explanation??

Ms. Mulder, I think I am only going to tell you. But you must promise! Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES  share this nugget of information. (well. you can tell Mr. Jackson, but only if he asks nicely)

And so, after the bad news and the good news, comes the news we all know and love: You average, run of the mill type news!

You can see it… HERE!

thanks for reading.

My Animated In-Depth part #4

Monday, March 1st 2010.

The formidable dark and dreary day, where we find our hero Donya, in the confines of her room, struggling to figure out what the subject of her final animation project will be. She paces, the pressure of her project being presented, at the In-Depth Night is building by the minute. Whilst the very loud conversation in her head rages on, she is not aware of the soft footsteps coming toward the door.  Without warning, the door opens! Our hero swivels in her place, facing the person who just entered. Donya looks in the direction of her visitor, brings her hands behind her back, and says “Ah.I have been expecting you”.

Her intruder emerges from the shadows, something in her hand. Possibly a weapon?What will happen to our beloved novice animator?!

“Donya, stop being so dramatic. It’s annoying. AND IT’S TIME FOR DINNER!” her mother bellows, waving a whisk around in the air.

oh. its my mom.

So much for an exciting cliff hanger eh? Oh well, but honestly. Apart from the overly dramatic soap opera themed display, I was really having a problem choosing an idea for my final project.

You know those days when you just cant get inspired? Even when you are trying your hardest? Looking through so many magazines and going from website to website on your bookmarked list. And yet to no avail :(Yep. That was me last week…


but I am really debating telling the beautiful public (you) about it… should I? Should I not?well. maybe I’ll change my mind after my class… but then again… maybe not. You just never know with me.

Stay tuned for My animated In-Depth #4.5!

Coming to your computer screen by 6:30 pm PT and no LATER!

Have a super rest of the day.

that was a lot of fun 😀

She has become one of US! :D (dun, dun DUUNN)

Hello Blogging world,

For about a couple weeks now, my mom has been working tirelessly on her very own blog!! I’m SO proud of her, because making the blog itself was a incredibly big step for her (she’s not used to this whole “self publishing” thing everyone is so crazy about.) I acquired most of my writing style from her, and from what I’m reading, her thoughts are entertaining and deep at the same time. You go mom 🙂